What a Virtual Assistant CAN'T do

I often get asked what a Virtual Assistant CAN do.

But for me the more important question is what they CAN’T do…

When I support people to scope out their virtual assistant roles it is not uncommon for me to hear: I want someone to put captions on my videos, make my quotes look sexy on Canva, post content daily across all social media and write for me.

Hey, hold on a minute.

You can’t have it all…but you can have most of it.

You see, getting someone to write for you is hard. Whether they are located in the Philippines, Australia or Timbuktu.

For someone to do this well, they need context around your industry, to understand what is in your brain AND the ability to be able to write marketing copy.

And these writing unicorns are proud of what they do (as they should be) and just want to write (not play in Canva or post stuff for you on social media).

So if you are looking for your first, second or third VA, it is probably not low hanging fruit.

I have 10 VA’s and I am still writing this email.

Don’t get me wrong, I do very little for myself. I will write this once and the team will do the rest… (send it to you via email, share it as a post across all of social media, save it so that we can use it in the future).

Maybe someday soon, I will get support from a writing unicorn that can get inside my head (and isn’t so afraid that they will run away!).

But for now, you get me. Unfiltered.

If you are looking for support in your business with ALL the other stuff then
happy to have a chat. We might be able to help.

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