Global teams 10 Superstar Virtual Assistant

Jollibee | Organised Customer Lover

Straight out of the heart of Manila, we present the assistant with the zestiest name in town – Jollibee! Named after the Philippines’ favourite fast food chain, she serves up administrative duties with the same speed, precision, and smiles. (see what I did there?)

There might not be the iconic bee mascot buzzing around her workspace, but she’s just as drenched in charm. From managing spreadsheets to creating job orders, Jollibee is your go-to gal.

She is amazing at juggling chaotic calendars and has some experience managing Airbnb businesses. She thrives in customer service where she interacts with people and in administrative roles where she organizes things to her heart’s content

Neil John | Social Media Maestro

Ever navigated the wilds of social media management with flair? It’s a jungle out there, trust me.

Now, let me introduce you to Neil John, the virtual assistant who’s a triple threat in this digital era. 

He’s not just any assistant; he’s a maestro of social media, a wizard of content creation, and a virtuoso of video editing.

In a world where digital presence is everything, having Neil on your team is like holding the golden ticket.

Sheena | Bookkeeping Prodigy

Picture someone who brings order to all your bookkeeping chaos. That’s Sheena. She handles invoices, bill payments, purchase orders, and keeps your customers happy, all with ease.

She loves what she does and wears her Virtual Assistant title proudly.

Staying calm and collected, even when the numbers pile up or deadlines loom? That’s just how Sheena operates, a skill that’s as valuable as it is rare.

Sheena makes Xero and QuickBooks do wonders, keeping your financial records spotless. With her on your team, you can relax knowing your books are in expert hands.

Do you want someone like Jolibee, Neil John and Sheena?

Michelle | Real Estate Customer Soother

Ever tried dealing with customers in real estate?

Tough as nails, right?

Well, meet Michelle, the real estate customer service warrior.

She handles tricky conversations like a seasoned diplomat and turns difficult clients into satisfied customers.

Word on the street is…

She once handled a call so smoothly, that the initially grumpy caller asked for her secret to perfect poise. (A bit exaggerated but you get the point – haha)

Whether she’s taming wild property management issues or learning new skills faster than you can say “virtual assistant,” Michelle is the girl for you.

Bless | E-commerce Enthusiast

We present Bless, the E-commerce virtuoso.

Imagine taming 20 restless Shopify stores across Europe.

That’s 20 E-commerce stores rolled into one Virtual Assistant!

She’s not just an e-commerce expert, she’s an e-commerce enthusiast, wearing her VA title like a badge of honor.

Her ability to work under pressure is also a unique trait that you don’t get with most applicants.

Cecilia | Marketing Aficionado

Let me introduce you to Cecilia, or Ces for short.

An awesome all-rounder virtual assistant who has ADHD.

Wait… what? ADHD?!

Yes, and let me tell you why that’s a good thing.

You see, Ces hyper-fixates on tasks and doesn’t stop until she gets a PERFECT outcome.

Also, the more tasks she has, the more stimulated her brain gets, and you know what that means… more stuff getting done!

She loves being in roles that involve graphic design, social media marketing, and a bit of admin.

The best thing about Ces is that she is a team player.

So, if you’re looking for a marketing VA that loves to get stuff done (and close to perfection), then our first superstar is the girl for you.

Do you want someone like Michelle, Bless and Cecilia?

Febby | Executive Assistant a.k.a. Virtual Double

Aside from her unique name, February has a long list of varied experiences.

For starters, she worked as an HR and recruiter for more than 5 years, and she was great at it.

She then shifted to becoming a virtual assistant in 2020.

This is where she made an impact and showed off how much of a legend she is.

She handled her client’s business operations, managed his calendar, and some lead generation as well.

Febby’s client trusted her so much that she even handled the business when her client was away for conferences and vacations.

To put it in words, February was her client’s “Virtual Double”.

She is perfect for roles that require a lot of initiative, admin roles, or executive assistant roles.

Or… if you are looking for a virtual assistant that can free up some of your time so that you can go on a HOLIDAY.

Cerizce | Marketing Tech Whiz

Cerize or as she prefers…Cez.

Our last superstar VA on the list is a very “niched” individual (in a good way).

She is very… very… very… tech savvy when it comes to marketing and creatives.

Cez is passionate about learning new technology, especially ones related to improving marketing strategies and creating content.

She has experience with designing websites with WordPress, creating amazing graphics, and even making newsletters with Mailchimp.

This superstar is also a great communicator, which means that you can expect that she’ll ask the right questions to extract your thoughts to produce whatever it is you envision.

Cez is an amazing virtual assistant that will be a great fit for those who are looking to level up their marketing game and ready to scale their business.

Sheila | Fast-paced Go-getter

Most of the time, business owners think of VAs as someone who can only add value to process-oriented tasks, but Sheila prefers anything but.

She much rather prefers to work under pressure and likes to be busy all the time.

No really… I’m being serious.

Sheila’s experience revolves around the healthcare and law industries, which as we all know are high-pressure and fast-paced industries.

She handled tasks that involved sorting medical records, arranging clinical files, email management, and setting appointments (among other things).

So if you are someone who is looking for an all-around virtual assistant who is also a “go-getter” who likes being fast, efficient, and productive, then I Shiela will be the perfect match for you.

Gabriel | Creative Marketing Innovator

Don’t you just love it when you see someone who’s very good at their job and has a ton of educational attainments but still has the thirst to learn more?

Well, Gabriel is that “someone”.

Gab has put in hours upon hours of his time in training, seminars, and courses just to learn how to be an amazing VA.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Marine Transportation, meaning he was bound to explore the great oceans (which he did for some time until he decided that LAND was better. Ha ha).

In fact, he graduated with Latin honours, Cum Laude.

He is not only smart but also visually creative (so he can make your content look really good), and systemized to create and build systems within your business (so you don’t have to).

Overall, Gabriel is perfect for roles that involve marketing, automation, and systems.

But as we have established earlier, he is always looking to improve himself, which means that he is open to other (more exciting) roles.

Do you want someone like Febby, Cerizce, Sheila and Gabriel?