The number 1 reason you should use Fiverr

You might be surprised, but I often recommend to business owners that they use Fiverr.

You see, although I do think that getting support from a long-term team member that grows with you and your business is an awesome idea. They get the context of your business, start to read your mind and your priorities become their priorities. Winner!

BUT there are also instances when you require a one- off specific specialised skill.

For example, Maureen recently launched a book and although we have 12 amazing Virtual Assistants that work for just our company, we didn’t have anyone with the specialised skill to lay out a book.

For sure, we could have got one of our team members with graphic skills to learn it (and we might still do this), but we needed it done, and done fast.

So instead Charles, our Marketing Manager Virtual Assistant engaged someone on Fiverr to do the book layout on our behalf.

Charles researched to find the best person, worked out if they could meet our time lines, briefed them, and liaised between Maureen and them regarding changes. This went back and forth until Charles signed off the completed work.

It is this magic combo of our long term team member Charles (who gets us) and the specialist person from Fiverr that meant that we had a professionally laid out book in good time (with minimal input from us).

So my tip to you is that if you are considering getting your first Virtual Assistant, you probably want someone with a more general skill set (so that they can cover more bases for you).

And if you need one off specialist work done (building macros in your excel file, intro for your brand new podcast, sophisticated video editing, book layout etc) then Fiverr might be your best bet.

If you can work the magic of the two together, you get the best of both worlds!

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