Easiest way to get business from LinkedIn

You might know this already…but I am a LinkedIn fanatic.

No, no, no, I don’t spend much time on LinkedIn, in fact I am hardly on it at all.

But I am fanatical about the marketing opportunities it brings (if used right).

And the most powerful LinkedIn marketing tactic is:

  1. Underutilised.
  2. And… when it is used it is done WRONG.

Easiest way to get business from LinkedIn -1

So what is this tactic?

Direct messaging.

Direct messaging is when you message the people that you are already connected to.

That means, if you already have relevant connections on LinkedIn you can start this TODAY. (Bring in those leads baby!)

But it has to be done RIGHT!

Being a Writer and a Scientist (respectively) Maureen and I have had fun experimenting with different strategies.

And after supporting over 100 businesses with their LinkedIn strategy (and a bit of trial and error) we have learnt a thing or two.



  • Offer your services “I can get you a VA”
  • Offer a meeting “Let’s meet to discuss opportunities to work together”
  • Don’t be salesy “Are you overworked and need support? Then a VA is the answer for you!”
  • Be desperate. You can always send another message.
  • Use automation. LinkedIn is onto this and is likely to banish you to LinkedIn jail.


  • Use a casual tone (even if you are writing to CEO’s they are human too)
  • Offer something of value and free (eg a report, an learning event, an networking opportunity)
  • Show a bit of personality
  • Harness the opportunity to market to them again by grabbing their email address or retargeting data (by getting them to visit your website)

Here is an example of a LinkedIn message that is working great for us at the moment (with lots of people interested in working with us and heaps of retargeting data generated).

Of course it is ideal to get support from a VA to send out these messages (it takes about an hour to send out 100 once you know what you are doing).

But if you are just getting started you can do it yourself (it works just as well).

We cover all of this and more (including successful direct message scripts) in our LinkedIn Masterclass.

You can check it out here

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