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Client Testimonial - Graeme

Graeme Hayward

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At first I thought I'd rather get Tessa [Graeme's VA] to do just a bit of artwork but this has really evolved. She now allows me to grow the business (because I have more time) as she is doing a lot of the detailed work. Some of the things she does:

✔️Pre-production mockups and production artwork

✔️Research for our marketing by getting contact details of prospective clients

✔️Building up our LinkedIn connections in a BIG way


Automation Made Easy


Took our brief, got it right first time, and a great team member as a result.  We have worked with many agencies before that have never got it nearly as spot on as Global Teams.  Couldn't recommend them higher!!

Client Testimonial - Jason
Client Testimonial - Alex


The People Factor


Right from the outset I was clear with Carmen that I didn't want a virtual assistant, I wanted a unicorn. By which I mean, someone I could rely on to manage all aspects of my business.  I am thrilled with the relationship my business manager and I have developed over these past months.

Client Testimonial - Josephine


Higher Spaces


We have found global teams invaluable in our business. They helped us to recruit and on-board an exceptional addition to our team and continue to support us in leveraging our VA resources to optimise our operations overall as well as our lead generation and engagement. Really providing a service that goes above and beyond. Highly recommended!! And of course Carmen is a joy to deal with on top of all that!

Michael Royal

BIR Solutions


Great free seminar. Sales pitch at the end but it was prophesied at the beginning. Great tips on native content, profile, video. Since then, I have become a client and have now passed my 1st anniversary. I have a wonderful VA, Anna, who together with me, is developing a lot of knowledge around social media etc. Plus, I have access to Carmen and we talk regularly about where things are at, new initiatives, problems and roadblocks and of course solutions. Thanks Carmen and Maureen!

Client Testimonial - Michael Royal
Client Testimonial - Darren Zhou

Darren Zhou

Magico Construction


On top of providing me with a great VA, Maureen and Carmen often reach out to me to see how everything is going. They have helped me with great marketing ideas and LinkedIn implementation strategies.




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Client Testimonial - Michelle


Bespoke Packaging


Hiring a VA through Global Teams was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my business. The stress has lifted and I feel back in control again and things are getting done!


The Marketing Project (TMP)


We hired a videographer VA, through Global Teams six months ago and I could not be happier. Not only is he a fabulous addition to our team but the support Carmen and Maureen provide is second to none.

Client Testimonial - Holly Locastro
Client Testimonial - Emi Golding


Workplace Mental Health Institute


Great customer care. I have been very impressed with the service, follow up and ongoing support offered by Global Teams.



Mary - Virtual Assistant - Global Teams

Our VA, Mary, is a valued and integral part of our team. With a very lengthy 'to-do' list, I was in two minds about getting an assistant and having to explain tasks - was it easier to just do it myself instead? Global Teams introduced us to a terrific VA and I would now really struggle without her. It was reassuring to get to interview a couple of candidates to find the right 'fit'. Global Teams did an awesome job of checking in and monitoring everything but Mary, hit the ground running and we have been great from the start. The key to success, in my opinion, is to be clear with instructions. VA's from GlobalTeams are very keen to help, so any errors are normally due to a miscommunication. Patience goes a long way in the very beginning and you will be very pleased you took the extra time. Thanks Global Teams for introducing us to Mary and all the help she is giving our team.