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I love working from home full time because it sets a wonderful example to my children - showing them that a woman can have a career, contribute in some way outside the home (virtually), and still be a loving mother. I am showing my daughters that they can do anything they want to do in life. I am displaying strength, endurance, dedication, tenacity, and I do it with so much joy and love.


Jing is a versatile executive & client advocate with 12 years experience in finance & operational management.

She was offered a position at Global Teams as a Finance Executive for her competencies in generating, maximizing revenue, and developing improved management systems.

She's known for her love of numbers and being an avid wine drinker. 🙂


Hi, its me Cristina. I am a loving mom who loves coffee, pets and likes to stay at home and take care of my family. I started working here as GT's LI Manager, now currently their IT Associate. What I love here on GT is I have been able to learn different skills through the different projects that I have handled, but what I love most- is my fun, supportive and loving teammates.


I'm Alemar, a recruitment specialist and a virtual assistant. I am behavioral psych professional who loves to observe people's responses towards certain situation. I don't just do recruitment but I help professionals get the best opportunity that are perfectly fitted with their skills set. I believe that in whatever industry we are in, upholding integrity will always bring us to greater heights.


Hi! I’m Win. I’m a Civil Engineering graduate who loves dogs, books, anime, and watching series. I’m currently working as a Virtual Assistant, LinkedIn lead Gen specialist, and social media manager. I’m a focused and flexible worker who enjoys and loves what I do.


Hi, I’m Jannelle a proud mother of two adorable kids whom I treasure the most. I love outdoor sports and being one with nature. I have a passion for arts and handicrafts, which I was able to put into good use when working with Global Teams. I consider working with them as one of my greatest achievements, cause I get to spend time and be close with my family as I work.


I'm Gel, a Computer Engineer graduate with immense IT experience. Recently focusing on Virtual Assistant and Social Media Management.

From creating and editing marketing contents, not only I enjoy doing this but it also helps me to up-skill my experience. And help business owners grow their business as well.

With Global Teams, they provide a great opportunity for people like me who can showcase their talent.


I’m Charles, an electronics engineer that specializes in automation, graphics design, and video production. I love developing new ways to improve and innovate systems and operations. I’m always into facing new challenges. I think outside the box and like to have creative freedom in my work. I work across boundaries to be more than 100% efficient in everything I do.

We focus on building relationships

We encourage our staff to have fun, share experiences and learn together.

Whether it’s travel loving Kristine, musician Dannah or adventurer Lucky, we know that our staff work hard and play hard… and we encourage them to do just that!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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Edmund Maisog

I like the energy of the team here at Global Teams. Everyone in our community is very active, be it in sharing their experiences or extending help to those who are encountering challenges in their assigned work. That alone shows a working dynamic that encourages participation and welcomes diverse ideas.

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Nalla Yuson

What I love most about Global Teams is the fact that I get to work with an open-minded community of VAs, who reach out to each other for advice, fun, and tutoring.  GT fills my thirst for new knowledge and experience as I'm working with an unbiased client who willingly communicates with me for resources that I could use to complete my tasks.

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Nicos Abadicio

Global Teams is the best. Everyone works hard, not only to achieve their own goals, but to support each other through thick and thin.  My VA job is dynamic as it requires me to shift between various roles, which gives me an opportunity to expand my skill set.  I also love the lifestyle this job allows me to have, creating the perfect balance between work and life. 

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Cristy Cristobal

The people here at Global Teams are professional and caring at the same time . Even though I left my job as a teacher, I'm still happy because GT still challenges me to grow as a person. I love that I can easily communicate with my client Damien, if ever I need something to be clarified. I can also turn to the other VAs, who are always willing to help me with difficult tasks.