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Paul started life as a geologists. He now gets his rocks off (forgive me…) supporting business owners with their marketing and administration.

He has a creative flair and loves designing great graphics. With experience in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and Canva he has a number of tools under his belt.

But graphics is not all he has up his sleeve, with great command of English and motivation he would be suited to a role with variety including administration support, social media and LinkedIn marketing.

Plus, Paul has been referred from one of our existing superstar VA’s Rose. And you know it…good people know good people. It is the same in the Philippines.


Sandra comes from a corporate background where she was the EA to the CEO. Organising everything from emails to booking travel to personal things.

She is now ready to transition her skills to the online world where she can fulfill her love of helping people through her awesome communication skills and keen eye on detail.

If you are looking for someone to organise you and keep you on your toes, then I reckon Sandra would be a good choice.

Sandra comes from a corporate background where she was the EA to the CEO. Organising everything from emails to booking travel to personal things.

She is now ready to transition her skills to the online world where she can fulfill her love of helping people through her awesome communication skills and keen eye on detail.

If you are looking for someone to organise you and keep you on your toes, then I reckon Sandra would be a good choice.


Trust is always a big issue when getting a new staff member, so here’s an interesting story about Linlin to show you how good she is at her job.

She worked with a client for 6 years without hearing his voice or seeing her face… EVER! (talk about trust) Not that we would recommend that of course!

Shirlen is not a newbie in the virtual assistant world and was referred to by another SUPERSTAR virtual assistant (birds of the same feather).

She has experience doing administrative tasks, social media management, LinkedIn management, and a lot more. She is the perfect candidate for business owners looking for an overall virtual executive assistant that can help them manage their calendars, organize appointments, and even manage their social media.


I am so excited that Vic has decided that he would like to follow in his brothers footsteps and become a Global Teams VA. And I have no doubt that he will be snapped up in no time. 

With his friendly demena empathy and ability to build rapport, there is no one else better suited to providing customer service (whether it’s online chat or the phone). 

With a positive can-do attitude, he thrives on working on multiple projects and would suit someone who is looking for an all rounder VA who can support them in customer service, administration and perhaps a bit of social media too.


Maria is a highly skilled virtual assistant with 8 years of experience in administration and customer service.

She has exceptional communication skills and is proficient in tech tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Trello, Zoho, Canva, and G-suite, enabling her to effectively manage various administrative tasks and communicate with clients and team members in a seamless and efficient manner


Billy is capable of SO many things. He has a masters in Business Administration and training in computer programming.

We are fortunate because Billy has decided to utilise his extensive skills with us at Global Teams.

He is currently working part time with a Global Teams client and we are currently exploring who the lucky second (part time) client will be.

With extensive LinkedIn experience and creative skills (using photoshop and canva) he is the perfect person to share you and your brand all over LinkedIn (and other social media platforms too).

What I am most impressed with is Billy’s ability to ask good questions. An invaluable skill indeed!


Rico (Coco) is not new to the Virtual Assistant world. Aside from his extensive experience in office administration and data entry, he also has experience in HR. 

His previous client owned 4 businesses! And… Rico supported ALL of them (talk about multitasking). Oh! Did I mention that he has a Bachelor of arts degree in English? 

Rico’s arsenal of experience paired with his good communication skills makes him ideal for admin tasks and recruitment roles.


Next up on our amazing list is Beverly.

After starting her life as a teacher she then diversified into a wide range of roles including, customer service, accounts, and sales support.

With her vast array of experience, confidence and excellent communication skills she will be an asset to any business.

In fact, she is currently working with a client and as such is available half time. Although Bev could do (almost anything), I think she would be best suited for a B:B business that is looking to grow.

With Bev’s support with LinkedIn marketing, booking appointments, updating the CRM and keeping track of things there would be no stopping you.


Have you ever heard of the saying, “Good people know good people”? Well, Arcky is just that.

He was recommended by Erika, who has been a virtual assistant in Global Teams for more than 2 years now (and is a SUPERSTAR herself).

Arcky has experience working in sales, customer support, and lead generation (his career is certainly not shy of experience).

He also has knowledge of working with tools such as ASANA, HubSpot, and Shopify (just to list a few).

All of these combined makes him an amazing candidate for those looking for an all rounder who can support them in administration, sales support and social media.


Having stepped up and worked as a healthcare assistant in vaccination centres in the Philippines, Caye is a modern-day hero in her own right. 

Her previous job as a Technical and Customer Service Representative has groomed her to have excellent communication skills, make connections quickly, and develop a bubbly personality, making her PERFECT for customer service roles (chat or call). 

If you’re looking for an ALL AROUND virtual assistant that can support you with customer service and administration… Caye is an awesome candidate for you!


Let me introduce you to Allure (or as her friends call her Al). 

With a Bachelor of Business Administration and a major in marketing Alure has got more business training than me! 

But she doesn’t just have the book smarts, she also has 11 years experience and stellar communication skills. She thrives in roles that involve variety and would love to secure a role as an Executive Assistant.

She has done it all before: answer the phone, coordinate travel arrangements, organise meetings, prepare payroll, manage emails…. The question is…do you want her to do it for you?


Good people know good people!

Our next superstar was introduced to us by one of our awesome virtual assistants and her cousin, Karissa (who was also referred to us by her own sister Win).

Elyza’s love of photography and video editing makes her shine at creative jobs involving Canva, Adobe Lightroom, and Kapcut.

All of her creative and admin skills add up to the perfect candidate for jobs such as social media management and content creation.


Teachers are groomed to be creative, resourceful, and dynamic. Well, our next superstar candidate that we would like to introduce fits all of those descriptions. 

Meet Michael (or as his friends call him, Mike). He has a bachelor’s degree in education, majoring in MATHEMATICS. But wait… that’s NOT the most interesting thing about this particular candidate. 

Listen to this! He has been working as a virtual assistant for companies in the MUSIC niche! Mike managed their social media accounts, created content, managed events, and edited images & videos. He even transcribed music! (I already find it hard to transcribe speech let alone…MUSIC!) Talk about being creative, resourceful, and dynamic! So… 

If you are looking for a jack of all trades when it comes to social media management (and other tasks), Michael is the candidate for you.


The second in our list of superstar virtual assistant candidates is Kristine…well… just Kristine.

Let me start off by telling you that Kristine will be a very DISCIPLINED and ORGANIZED virtual assistant.

How do I know?

It’s simple. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology (with honours and as a city scholar). But, her real talent lies in admin and customer service.

She worked for the best BPO companies in the Philippines for over 6 years and has garnered awards such as TOP SALES PERFORMER, TOP AGENT, and TOP OFFLINE SUPPORT.

Kristine shines in tasks of data extraction/encoding/scraping, CRM management, and customer support.

If you want a decorated virtual assistant that can do admin tasks (that you hate doing yourself), Kristine is perfect for you!


 Giselle (better known as Zel).

Her bachelor’s degree in psychology gives her an edge in recruitment roles. But if having a rocking degree is not enough…

She has been working in human resources for big BPO companies in the Philippines since March 2020 (almost 3 years) and has taken on tasks such as candidate assessment, interview, and onboarding (the list goes on).

If you’re looking for a recruiter that thrives in finding the best people for your company (she’s done it before after all)… Giselle is the girl for you.


It’s very seldom that you find a candidate that is both creative and good with numbers (seriously).

But, Ash is just that!

She has a bachelor’s degree in administration majoring in finance. And… She even has an extensive background in bookkeeping.

Now at this point, you would think that “Yeah, she’s only good with numbers.” Au contraire! Ashley is a VERY creative individual that likes to play the guitar and (listen to this) COMPOSE her own music!

That’s not all! She also has experience with photo editing, video editing, and admin tasks, which makes her an obvious choice for business owners that are looking for a bookkeeper (with a splash of creativity for other tasks).

Jo Marie

We would like to introduce you to Jo.

Jo is an experienced virtual assistant and has a bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology, which makes her awesome at getting perfect candidates for companies.

Jo worked as a senior recruiter at Concentrix (one of the best BPO companies in the Philippines) for 2 years, and at Career China (a China-based recruitment agency) for a year.

Oh… I forgot to mention that in her spare time, she likes to breed dogs.

Her experience in sourcing candidates combined with her degree is the perfect duet of skills for those looking to improve the quality of their recruitment.


Have you ever heard of a social media platform called TikTok? What a st*pid question… OF COURSE, you have! We also know that becoming a TikTok influencer is no easy task. You must schedule your postings, record and edit your videos, gather data, and manage your account.

This is where Chris comes in… Not only does he know a TikTok influencer (HIS BROTHER), but he also worked as an executive assistant for one and did all of the tasks listed above!

He even has experience in calendar management, email management, data entry, and recruitment.

What I’m trying to say is…

His experience, paired with his extensive knowledge of Airtable, Teamtailor, Workday, and Canva is perfect for business owners looking for an executive assistant.


In every list, there is always someone that is good with numbers.

Well… Ivy is that “someone”. She has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and has been in the bookkeeping and accounting industry since January 2017.

Her set of skills includes bookkeeping (of course), Quickbooks payroll, bank reconciliations, AP & AR management, and admin support.

Ivy worked as an accounting manager for a real estate company based in Washington, a virtual bookkeeper for a real estate company based in Korea, and an executive assistant in an engineering firm based in Canada.

She has travelled the globe… virtually! 

She is also well versed in software such as Quickbooks, Buildium, TaxBandits, Stripe, and more.

So… If you’re looking for an amazing candidate to help you with your bookkeeping, accounting, or payroll, Ivy is the candidate for you.


Our next candidate is an introvert that loves playing the ukulele, going mountain climbing, and…

Oh yeah – …has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a registered PSYCHOMETRICIAN.

I know what you’re thinking… WOW! (and that’s just the intro) She worked as an admission officer for more than 2 years in a local college wherein she administered psychological exams and assess the results.

Erz then worked as a “Senior Talent Assessor” in a US-based recruitment firm where she was named the Senior Talent Assessor of 2022. Talk about being good (excellent is a more appropriate term) at your job… At this point, we can conclude that Era is the PERFECT candidate for business owners looking to scale their recruitment.


Kim is the type of person that likes to be challenged and step up on stage whenever an opportunity presents itself.

But, that’s not what makes Kim a superstar… What sets her apart is her success story from her previous company.

You see, Kimberlee worked for a hospital as the head of admin, and was later promoted to become a branch supervisor. She mainly consolidated sales reports, handled account receivables, and prepares bid tenders.

Where am I going with this? Well… long story short, Kim managed to close a deal for the hospital that gave them a huge (and I mean HUGE) contract deal.

I guess her bachelor’s degree in business administration majoring in marketing management might have contributed to some of the skill set that she has as well.

Her goal now is to work with business owners that have start-up businesses so she can help them grow and scale. She is an absolute heaven-sent candidate for those business owners that are looking for an Executive Virtual Assistant to help them in their business.


Do you want a Virtual Assistant who is detail orientated?

Of course you do! Well look no further than Jen.

She worked as a paralegal secretary in a law firm where she arranged hearing schedules, created legal documents (special power of attorney, deed of sale, and so on), and filed motion papers in courts (making her a perfectionist).

She did all the tasks that the lawyers didn’t want to do themselves. Making her the perfect virtual assistant candidate for any type of business, because as a business owner get support with all the details so that you can concentrate on more important parts of your business.


Our last candidate on the list is ambitious, focused, and loves talking to people (generally). She has years of experience in recruitment.

BUT… The thing that makes Hannah stand-out from other recruiters is that she has experience in the “end-to-end” process of recruitment.

Which means that she was involved in all of the processes in recruitment including candidate sourcing, skill matching, talent acquisition, up until onboarding.

Hannah is definitely the ideal candidate for business owners that needs help with Recruitment

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