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How to save time and Energy

How to save time and Energy

I quite like the 80/20 rule (the idea that 80% of the output can be achieved by 20% of the input).

And although it is not exact (sometimes the ratio might be different), I do think it is a helpful concept in many scenarios.

One place I like to apply it is when I am supporting a business owner to identify how to delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

If you delegate everything at once you are likely to overwhelm them (and not get the results you are after).

But if you are strategic and identify that 20% that gets you 80% of those sweet sweet outcomes, you can avoid overwhelm and get 80% of what you are after in a short period of time.

Let me give you an example.

Say you have an e-commerce business and you have engaged a Virtual Assistant to support you with the continuous stream of customer queries.

Start by identifying the handful of questions that make up the 80% of that volume.

Perhaps you always get asked when their package is being delivered or if your dog treats are vegan…

Whatever it is…train your Virtual Assistant to answer these questions first.

That way, within a day or two of them starting, they are able to answer a handful of question types BUT they are getting through about 80% of the volume (making you feel freer).

You can work on getting them up to speed in answering the weird and wonderful infrequent questions over time.

If you are strategic with delegation, you can get support with a large proportion (of the total) in a short amount of time.

Leaving you to ponder what you are going to do with all your free time.

What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

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