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Maureen & Carmen, The Dynamic duo behind global teams

Now, most company bios are quite formal, but we like to do things differently (if you haven’t already noticed).

So…Carmen and I have chosen to write each other’s bios (warts and all).

We challenge each other to be better, and are not afraid to disagree, but ultimately, we make a pretty darn good business partnership.

Joining forces in business with Maureen was a whirlwind decision. One day we were doing videos together (to support our LinkedIn Marketing) and we had so much fun we decided to become business partners starting the very next day!

(Now, I am a scientist and not known for making decisions with my gut, but it just feels right.)

And through all the ups and downs and round about I have never doubted the decision.

Maureen has helped me see possibilities in business and life. Her power to think big and identify opportunities is contagious. Our clients and staff benefit from this too.

She knows what to say and how to say it in every situation to achieve the desired outcome (business, dating, the lot…), which comes in VERY handy.

And one of the bravest people I know. She jumped from the corporate world into her first business 17 years ago, had sperm-donor kids on her own and bought three investment properties (one during the uncertainty of the GFC).

After studying math’s and science at school and even doing a course in computer programming at one stage (and being pretty ordinary at it) she decided she would never again try to be someone she wasn’t.

She is a master communicator, wordsmith and people-lover. (And quals in English, Journalism and Coaching and has won several public speaking comps…)

What she love the most is, supporting others to use their brilliance.(And gets frustrated when people waste their time and energy doing things they hate doing or aren’t good at when there’s always someone out there who does love it and wants to help).

She does annoy me sometimes when I just want to get things done and ticked off, and she wants to explore the bigger picture. But she is the yin to my yang (or whatever the saying is) and together we make a pretty awesome team.

Carmen Williams is a machine. She is actually not happy unless she has a list of things to smash.

However, the difference between Carmen and a lot of other people is that she is a mastermind at getting others to do stuff for her. She just realises the power in it; the power of support to propel a business forward.

Even when she was a self-proclaimed “baby business owner”, she employed Noe in the Philippines to work part-time for her.

She may have been doing it tough (as a single mum with a business less than six months old), but she knew she couldn’t grow if she tried to do everything herself.

And spending 4 hours a day marketing herself on LinkedIN, looking after her clients and handling the admin ALL herself was not her idea of fun (or very clever). So she invested in her first VA.

Fast forward a few years, and with Carmen often leading the way, Global Teams has built a team of 90+ superstars in the Philippines and is helping other businesses do the same. (Carmen is always finding new things we can get support with. Video editing, social media marketing anyone? :)).

Carmen and I are very different but have always liked and respected each other. She’s brave and funny and annoying at times (please can’t we look at the bigger picture and just dream?! :)).

She was a gifted child, was fast-tracked through school and ended up at uni at 16, on her way to becoming a scientist (and getting top marks of course!)

In her 20s she was co-ordinating enterprise-wise change in the healthcare sector (again getting people to do stuff for the greater good).

She has been instrumental in helping business owners get support and in doing so in creating the success of Global Teams.

We butt heads occasionally but we choose to see each other’s brilliance.

She’s one in a million. I’d have her on my team any day…

Running a business takes a lot of Time Energy Effort

We help you work out EXACTLY what you need help with, and then we find a great Virtual Assistant to help you do these things.

Why we started
global teams

To be honest Maureen and I never set out to run a Virtual Assistant Company. Maureen and I were running a coaching and consulting business supporting individuals and teams to communicate and increase their performance.

Alongside this we were growing our own Virtual Assistant team. (We had ALL these ideas and we needed support to make them happen.)And then one of our clients said to us “Hey you know how you have got your Virtual Assistant Team. I tried it before but it didn’t work. Could you help me?”

Maureen and I ummed and ahhed, we didn’t want it to distract us from our mission to support people to live better lives through improving their communication.And then it hit us. We could apply these skills and passion, in this new setting.

Supporting people to hire and build long term relationships that see the business and the individuals thriving. Three years later we have 82 Virtual Assistants and growing. It seems this focus on communication really works!

It's not just us

Let’s face it, as talented as you are you need to surround yourself with awesome people to grow your business and have the impact that you really want to have.

From our Australian based account manager Priya who is way better than me at supporting and loving the clients to the insightful Sheila who is the primary point of contact for the Virtual Assistants.

I invite you to check out the whole team here: OUR TEAM

And when you are ready to explore developing a team of your own (and want support to make it happen), then let’s organise a time to chat: CONTACT US

Meet some of our Virtual Assistants working with our AWESOME AMAZING LEGENDARY clients

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