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Running a Business

Running a business takes a lot of time, energy and effort. There always seems so much to do. And as you grow, your list just gets bigger. (More admin, marketing, and client support anyone?!)

You often feel overwhelmed and snowed under with the constant drain of most things being left up to you (and it is hard to switch off). Also, you feel frustrated about putting off things you’ve been meaning to do but don’t have the time, so the days turn into months.

Things To Get Done

Maybe you have been meaning to create more systems, do videos, develop an intranet or develop new marketing strategies to bring in more business… but the urgent often overtakes the important.

This can really stunt the growth of the business and become frustrating for you as you are not using your time, expertise and passion to get results and life can sometimes be filled with the repetitive, mundane tasks (which is NOT what you signed up for…) Maybe you do already have some staff, but they have been with you a while now and are much too valuable to be doing the mundane repetitive tasks that a virtual assistant could be doing…

Our Support

This is where we come in. We help you take stock of what you are currently doing, what you SHOULD be doing and what you can get off your plate (both now and in the future). And believe me (from someone who held on to too many things), it’s amazing what you can hand over to someone else. And the relief that you get form your virtual assistant support is gold!

Even if you are not handing over the whole thing, there are many aspects that you can. So, for example, I still oversee the finances in the business, but my awesome virtual assistant Josephine sends invoices and reminders, updates our projections and does payroll (and a whole lot more).

We still talk to the leads coming through, but another one of our amazing VAs, Jonathan, set us meetings with these leads, changes appointments and often communicates with them on LinkedIn.

SO you still OWN the strategy but you can get a lot of support to help you implement it.

No Setup fee Recruitment Fee Lock-in Contract

Best For You

Our process is not totally directive, it’s also an exploration of what’s going to work for you and YOUR business (and one size does not fit all). We really do look at what you need support around first.

Maybe you need to get your email sorted (so it’s more manageable) or start marketing on LinkedIn or Facebook (so you are not missing opportunities). Maybe you need your database cleaned or need help with invoicing.

Hiring the Virtual Assistant

You may want someone to help update your website, edit videos, post on social media or send out those invoices… Or is it that you want someone to answer all those customer queries? I’m exhausted just mentioning it all.

We help you work out EXACTLY what you need help with, and then we find a great virtual assistant (VA) to help you do these things. And we know it’s important to get a good fit, so we find someone who not only works well with you and your current team, but someone who fits in well with the culture of your business (and is EXCITED about becoming part of your team).

Building The Relationship

And it is not just about hiring the VA (That would be like focusing on the wedding but not the marriage) we focus on supporting you and your VA in the long term.

Once you have your VA (or team of VAs) in place, we support you to work together well. (So you get your own dream team happening). We need to be upfront here. It’s not just a set and forget. You have to continually communicate with your new team member and this takes strategy, effort and commitment.

What are you going to hand over first? How can you be clear about what’s important? What’s the best way to communicate if they have questions?

Getting Clear

We help you get clear about all of this and hold your hand through it all so you can work out the best communication structure to work for you. We help you develop the relationship and make it work so it becomes a well-oiled machine.

And like any relationship, you always need to put in some effort but the benefits to your business can be HUGE. So, if you know you need help (even if you still aren’t exactly clear about how it will work) and want to explore what it may look like for you and your business, get in touch.


What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

What a VA can do for you - book

What is in the book?

Learn about what a virtual assistant do for you in your business to free up your time (so you can work in your area of genius and grow your business).
I cover the key areas of business they can help you in (and explanations of tasks).
I help you work out EXACTLY how having a virtual assistant could work for YOUR business.