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How to manage the risks with delegation

It’s quite common for business owners to say to me that they are uncomfortable delegating.

They are scared that the work is not going to be done properly and that they are going to be left with a mess.

And I completely get that.

Because if the right controls are not in place it often IS a mess.

You might not know…but prior to running a business I worked in risk management, so I quite naturally see the world through that lens.

And when risk management nerds talk about risk they talk about two different types.

  1. Inherent Risk: The risk of something if there are NO CONTROLS in place to mitigate against it.

  2. Control Risk: The risk of something once you HAVE CONTROLS IN PLACE to minimize the risk.

And the good news is that with delegating you can put simple controls in place and minimise the risk.

Making the risk (control) risk of delegating very low (and the upsides huge).

Okay enough nerd talk, let’s look at an example.

Say you are getting your Virtual Assistant to prepare and send out quotes to clients.

Instead of letting them loose on day one you:

  • Show then how to prepare the simple types of quotes
  • You then make time for you to review them, make any changes and provide feedback. (The control)
  • Your Virtual Assistant then send them out

And the best part is that you don’t need to review them forever and a day.

Once you have reviewed enough of them to be confident that your Virtual Assistant gets the quotes spot on, you then remove this step.

Once your Virtual Assistant has got the handle of the simple quotes and are preparing them independently AND sending them out (without your input at all) you then teach them the more complex quotes.

When they start preparing the more complex quotes you then review them (just like you did in the past with the more simple quotes) until you are confident that they can fly without you.

And before you know it 95% of your quotes are going out completely independent of you.


And the best bit is that you can use this strategy with all sorts of processes: video editing, invoices, responses to customer queries, research, audiograms, canva designs…the list goes on…

So there you have it.

Delegation does not need to be risky.

You just need to put the right controls in place.

This is part of what we cover in our weekly meetings with new clients and Virtual Assistants, as we know that a small tweak in the process can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Happy delegating. 🙂

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