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How to get your business running on autopilot

One common objection to getting a Virtual Assistant is that it is going to take more time to hand over the task than to do it themselves.

And it’s true.

It does take time and energy to delegate a task.

Probably more time than if you would have done it yourself.

BUT….if that task needs to happen over and over again it is probably worth the investment to hand it over.

For example, the other day I had an idea in the shower…how about we send physical cards to new clients.

I had made an e training purchase recently and had received a card in the mail. I thought it was unique and certainly made me remember the company.

So I wanted to do the same.

And for about a week or so it did take more energy from me.

I liaised with Win, one of our designers, about creating a card with some of the team’s pictures on it.

I spoke to my business partner about the words in it.

I spoke to the account manager about the idea and the words (as I was going to send it out from her).

I spoke to Janlelle who supports sales a couple of times about the process of sending it out.


Fast forward to now…6 months later…and I don’t ever need to think about it (apart from when I am telling the story).

Now, whenever we make a sale, I let the team know in our “New Client” slack channel and the team works their magic.

The card goes out with NO input from me.


And there are heaps of examples in our business where I got my head into something for a while…just enough to delegate it…and now it happens completely independent of me.

From sending daily connection requests to inviting people to a speed networking event to re-purposing our podcast content on social media. The list is endless…

The more things that my team makes happen on auto-pilot the more time I can spend thinking of new creative ways to grow the business.

Delegation does take time and effort…but…I would have it no other way.

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