Monique | LinkedIn Lead Generation VA

Client's Business: Educational Design Advisor

Monique is someone who enjoys pursuing knowledge by reading books, especially ones about digital marketing. In addition to her intellectual curiosities, she also loves to watch Korean dramas.

She works with her client Kristen who is a trusted advisor at Design EDU. As a trusted advisor, Kristen provides invaluable guidance on educational initiatives, organisational development, due diligence, and strategic planning.

Here are Monique’s primary focus with her client:

  1. Generate leads through LinkedIn by strategically sending connection requests to potential leads
  2. Aim to expand Kristen’s network and create new business opportunities
  3. Handle Kristen’s email inbox, ensuring important messages are prioritised, and manage her calendar, scheduling appointments, and keeping it organised.
  4. Oversee website maintenance tasks, including monitoring performance metrics such as loading speed and user experience, as well as analysing website traffic and engagement data to inform improvements and optimisations.
  5. Provide occasional support with generating content ideas for articles and basic graphic design.

Monique supports Kristen’s projects by providing research assistance, coordinating tasks such as scheduling meetings tracking progress, and offering assistance with creative input and brainstorming ideas.

Kristen Clarke

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Belle | Marketing VA

Client's Business: Buyer Agents and Property Advisor

Belle is one of two Virtual Assistants working with Andrew. She is someone whose passion for marketing comes to life with her client Andrew at Industry Insider, where she excels as a Marketing Virtual Assistant. Her off-work hours are spent traveling to new destinations or whipping up new recipes in her kitchen.

At Industry Insider, a premier buyer’s agent agency located in the heart of Melbourne, the focus is on securing luxury real estate treasures for a discerning clientele. Belle and her team aim to turn house hunting into a dream-fulfilling journey for every client.

Working closely with Andrew, here’s how Belle leverages her skills to contribute to the company’s success:

  1. Craft and arrange daily social media updates across diverse platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok, keeping the audience engaged and informed.
  2. Investigate and conceive compelling content ideas that resonate with the target market, ensuring each piece has the potential to capture attention and spark interest.
  3. Spearhead community management efforts, promptly addressing inquiries, and fostering interactive dialogues with comments to build a brand community.
  4. Shape and execute a dynamic content strategy aimed at elevating brand presence and nurturing audience interaction, always staying a step ahead in the digital marketing arena.
  5. Work in tandem with Andrew to ensure that all content initiatives are in sync with overarching company objectives and marketing campaigns, thus paving the way for strategic brand growth.

Belle’s dedication to Industry Insider (and her client) can be seen in her meticulous attention to the company’s digital presence, community engagement, and content resonance, all while collaborating closely with Andrew to ensure that every marketing endeavor supports the mission to deliver luxury real estate solutions.

Andrew Date

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Ann | Executive Assistant VA

Client's Business: Fundraising and Digital Strategy Consultant

Ann is an introvert and a first-time mom, her world revolves around her young son, finding solace and engagement in gripping medical and legal drama TV series during her moments of peace (if you know what I mean).

She is an Executive Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator, roles that see her applying her organised and systematic prowess. Ann’s client, Jessica, operates within the realm of IT, specialising in addressing Salesforce-related complexities for non-profit organisations.

Here are Ann’s dedicated tasks while working with her client:

  1. Deliver attentive chat and phone support, leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce and LinkedIn to effectively resolve queries and engage with stakeholders.
  2. Conduct meticulous data entry, ensuring every detail is accurate and up to date, crucial for maintaining the integrity of information within the organization.
  3. Engage in thorough research to underpin the company’s initiatives and decisions with solid, data-driven insights.
  4. Maintain and update the website to ensure that the digital portal accurately reflects the company’s mission and updates.
  5. Update and create records within Salesforce, contributing to the system’s efficiency and robustness in managing organisational interactions.

Provide support to active volunteers, guiding them through their project-related tasks and ensuring that their educational journey is productive and fulfilling.

Assist and manage volunteer applicants, moving them smoothly through the onboarding process to join the organization’s noble cause in a meaningful capacity.

Ann incorporates her attention to detail and considerate nature into supporting Jessica’s projects. Her contributions show logistical coordination, such as scheduling meetings, tracking progress, and offering her keen eye for detail in creative input and brainstorming sessions.

Jessica Macpherson

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Lala | Operations and Admin Virtual Assistant

Client's Business: Buyer Agents And Property Advisor

Lala is another Virtual Assistant of Andrew. She is a budding “yogi” who finds balance in life through her devoted practice and her meticulous job as an Operations and Admin Assistant at Industry Insider Property. Her work is essential to streamlining the real estate journey for busy individuals in Melbourne, intending to purchase or sell their properties.

Here’s how Lala shows up for her role, helping her clients navigate the potentially bumpy terrain of real estate transactions:

  1. Keep channels open with buyers and vendors via email and WhatsApp, while searching for the perfect online and off-market properties, facilitating the due diligence process for shortlisted options.
  2. Arrange private inspections for potential buys and liaise with selling agents and tradespeople on behalf of vendors, ensuring properties are presented in their best light.
  3. Draft clear and concise contracts for buyers and sellers and maintain Andrew’s calendar, organizing Zoom and office meetings to ensure all engagements run smoothly.
  4. Draft informative blog posts about Melbourne’s suburbs or coordinate with the marketing team for fresh content ideas, to enhance brand visibility and client engagement.
  5. Track new leads and manage crucial files for vendor and buyer clients, ensuring every detail is accounted for in the property journey.

Through her focused efforts, Lala plays a pivotal role in making the property buying or selling experience as efficient and stress-free as possible for Industry Insider’s clients.

Andrew Date

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Anna | Marketing Administration VA

Client's Business: Finance Specialist

Anna is a Marketing Administration Virtual Assistant who supports her client Micheal, an expert committed to assisting clients with financial brokerage, encompassing loans, savings, and comprehensive financial oversight at BIR Finance, where she works and brings her love for multitasking and a uniquely humorous habit: engaging in spirited dialogues and debates with herself during her shower or bath (haha).

In her collaboration with Michael, Anna focuses on a variety of tasks aimed at enhancing client engagement and operational efficiency:

  1. Inputs new contacts into MyCRM and Outlook from various sources, ensuring that Michael’s client database is expansive and up to date.
  2. Regularly reviews and connects with BNI visitors on LinkedIn, thereby incrementally expanding Michael’s professional circle and potential leads.
  3. Update and modify the monthly newsletter using ActivePipe, mirroring its contents for LinkedIn and the website which she then posts, ensuring consistent messaging across platforms.
  4. Review Michael’s Calendly for past meetings and gather contact information from Zoom calls, she maintains and strengthens ongoing relationships while ensuring no opportunity for engagement slips through.
  5. Devise social media content and revise the visual components of their newsletter, reflecting the dynamic and innovative face of BIR Finance to the public.

Anna provides the backbone of support that allows Michael Royal to make a significant impact on his clients’ financial journey. Her attention to detail and creative ingenuity are invaluable assets to the BIR Finance team.

Michael ROyal

Here’s Michael’s Podcast if you wanna check it out:

Cristy | General Virtual Assistant

Client's Business: Operations & Supply Chain Expert

Cristy is an energetic and fun-loving mother of two, and has been in Global Teams since the beginning of her Virtual Assistant career. She even managed to build a house with her time with us.

As a versatile and skilled General Virtual Assistant, Cristy thrives on multitasking across various domains—social media management, calendar organization, administrative duties, and more.

Her client, Damien, is an expert in refining business operations. He collaborates with clients to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their processes. In her support role, she is entrusted with tasks that streamline Damien’s interactions with his clientele and bolster the company’s online presence.

Here are the core responsibilities she handles for Damien:

  1. Manage a strategic social media calendar, ensuring daily updates are posted to various platforms like the company page, Damien’s LinkedIn, the company’s Facebook page, and the company’s Instagram. These updates specifically target consulting groups in Sydney, aiming to engage directly with the local business community.
  2. Keep the company website fresh and updated, making regular adjustments and additions to reflect the evolving nature of the business and its services.
  3. Organise upcoming events by creating event tasks for each webinar, ensuring every detail is accounted for and communicated effectively.
  4. Craft and refine messaging for landing pages, enhancing their impact and conversion rates to better capture the interest of potential clients and webinar attendees.
  5. Oversee Damien’s busy schedule, not only arranging meetings but also expanding his network through intentional LinkedIn connection requests and targeted outreach messages for webinar promotion.

Beyond these duties, she also updates financial records using Xero, manages monthly invoicing, and attends to accounts receivable tasks, underpinning the financial health and client billing processes of Damien’s consulting business.

Cristy is a LEGEND!

Damien Lacey

Here’s Damien’s Podcast if you wanna check it out:

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Camille | General Executive Assistant

Client's Business: Subconscious Mind Specialist

Here are Camille’s primary responsibilities with her client:

  1. Generate content for social media, drafting captivating captions, and designing eye-catching graphics. These elements often feature subjects from Margaret’s blogs, inspirational quotes, eBook products, and client testimonials, distributed across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram platforms.
  2. Schedule social media posts on all channels, ensuring there is a regular stream of meaningful interactions with Margaret’s audience.
  3. Craft and schedule engaging email newsletters, further nurturing Margaret’s relationship with her clients, and offering continual value through this communication avenue.
  4. Edit eBooks and ensure their publication on Kindle Amazon. This allows Margaret’s wisdom and teachings to reach a wider audience.
  5. She manages Margaret’s Wix website, ensuring that it remains a reliable, up-to-date source of information about Margaret’s coaching services and products.

Camille’s core function in her collaboration with Margaret revolves around facilitating effective communication with the client base, sharing Margaret’s wisdom, and helping the business navigate the digital landscape.

Margaret Cutler

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Maiela | Executive Assistant

Client's Business: Swim Schools

Maiela modestly describes herself as uninteresting, but her role at the company tells a different story. She works tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth operation of a company nestled in the niche of swim schools. Her duties span from backend support to administrative assistance, showcasing her versatility and commitment.

Here are Maiela’s primary areas of focus in her multifaceted role:

  1. Streamline Operations through handling suspensions and cancellations, ensuring a seamless experience for both staff and clients.
  2. Foster Team Growth by managing the onboarding of new employees, creating a welcoming and productive work environment.
  3. Enhance Brand Presence with creative graphics for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, increasing engagement and awareness.
  4. Ensure Financial Management by overseeing invoicing, setting up receipts, and contributing to accounting tasks, keeping the company’s financial health in check.
  5. Engage the Community through the creation of newsletters, providing valuable updates and engaging content to keep clients informed and connected.

Innovation is at the heart of Maiela’s efforts, as she continually seeks to develop new procedures that optimise efficiency and improve the overall operations of the swim schools.

Her role is crucial in supporting the company’s mission, managing its presence online and offline, and ensuring that administrative and financial tasks are handled with precision and care.

Damon Rodd

Here’s Damon’s Podcast if you wanna check it out:

Ruvi | Digital Marketing Assistant

Client's Business: Interior Designer

Ruviane, also known as Vhing to her friends, is a force behind the scenes for her client, Frances, who offers a broad spectrum of interior design services. Frances’s business provides an array of services including color selection, furnishing recommendations, sustainable design, and energy-efficient planning, among others.

As Frances’s committed assistant, Vhing’s role is multifaceted and includes:

  1. Spearhead the development of backend systems to effectively track leads through various stages, from initial contact and booking consultations to proposal status, closing, or losing leads.
  2. Curate compelling social media content across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to engage audiences, showcase work, and drive the use of lead magnets for audience information capture.
  3. Craft and fine-tune multimedia content for Frances’s branding efforts, including editing audio for podcast episodes, creating video content, transcribing and summarising podcasts, and repurposing this content across social media.
  4. Enhance the online presence through meticulous content management, such as blog article copywriting with ChatGPT assistance, updating portfolio web pages, and overall website optimisation in concert with Lightning Sites to ensure peak performance and user engagement.
  5. Plan and execute detailed analytical tracking and reporting systems for website and social media metrics, lead generation effectiveness, and the optimisation of nurture campaigns in Ontraport CRM, alongside creating comprehensive client documents and layouts for events like the Melbourne Home Show.

Vhing’s role extends beyond these key areas, with responsibilities that include maximising Frances’s business reach and impact through strategic SEO, updating electronic resources, and ensuring the backend systems, including bookkeeping with Xero, are well coordinated and streamlined for optimal client engagement and business growth.

Frances Cosway

Here’s Frances’s Podcast if you wanna check it out:

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