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Global Teams Virtual Assistant Support-100 Things our VAs did for us in one week

100 things our Virtual Assistants did for us in one week

100 things our Virtual Assistants did for us in one week

The other week Maureen and I attended a conference in Fiji. (you can see from the photos, it was a very serious trip 🙂). But our business didn’t stop as our team of Virtual Assistants kept things going for us.
Here are the 100 things our Virtual Assistants did for us while we were away last week:

100 things our VA did
Email Management

Email/Message Management

1. Checked messages on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram)
2. Replied to messages on all social media
3. Monitor and checked messages from all social media
4. Manage and check Maureen & Carmen's emails

Lead Management

5. Identify leads and provide a schedule for a meeting
6. Schedule a meeting and send the calendar invite
7. Add them into our CRM and project management tool for database record
8. Send follow up message to leads that didn't respond to the initial message

Lead Management

Social Media Support

Social Media Management - 100 things our Virtual Assistant Support did

9. Accepting friend requests to grow Facebook contacts
10. Sending video Birthday greetings on Facebook to build connection
11. Content posting on Facebook and Instagram for brand awareness
12. Planning and Scheduling of contents to post for the following week
13. Creating contents / creatives for social media from the content production board in our project management tool (Monday.com).
14. Sending greeting messages to allow us to connect more with people
15. Inviting people to join our Facebook group
16. Created graphic contents
17. Finalized content production workflow
18. Video editing on new contents

19. Researched new marketing strategies
20. Organized LinkedIn reach out messages for the promotional - recruitment book
21. Sent reach out message (recruitment book) on LinkedIn to acquire leads
22. Sent connection request for our LinkedIn account to get more connections on LinkedIn using the LinkedIn Navigation Tool
23. Content creation for posting on different social media platforms
24. Send birthday greetings for LinkedIn account to stay connected with our LI connections Because they are video messages, this was done on the phone and not the desktop
25. Sent follow up messages after accepting our connection invite
26. Daily content posting on LinkedIn profiles
27. Remove unaccepted connection requests on LinkedIn, so that we stay on the good side of LinkedIn and they continue to let us send connection requests. This needs to be done manually one by one
28. Schedule Weekly posting on Social Media platforms on our project management tool
29. Created content for Lead Magnet promotions (10 admin tasks, 6 Softwares, VA book), Client Testimonials, Featured Virtual Assistant Friday (Video)
30. Arranged blurbs and Call to Action description on all contents before posting

Email Marketing

31. Newsletter planning, designing, finding content and developing a hilarious meme to include in it
32. Remove duplicate contacts from our Database (KEAP) to free up storage
33. Contacts clean up on our Database (removing contacts with invalid emails and adding tags)
34. Creating Friday email broadcasts for nurture campaigns

Email Marketing

Virtual Assistants Support

35. Checked and approved Leave Requests of all Virtual Assistants employee
36. Daily meetings with the Client Support to ensure all issues of both Client and Virtual Assistants are addressed and resolved
37. Prepared Certificate of Employment (COE's) and Valid IDs requested by some Virtual Assistants to the purpose it may served them
38.  Attend the Client-VA love meeting to share information and develop strategies to support the clients and the Virtual Assistants
39. Organised and hosted a huddle with the whole team including the client Virtual Assistants where we introduced a new team member and played a fun Virtual Game

40. Creating birthdays and anniversary photos for the Virtual Assistants so that we can celebrate them on our team communication platform - Slack
41. Held a Customer Service Masterclass to support all the Virtual Assistants that work in this space with their client
42. Organised the 3 fortnightly training and mentoring sessions that will be held in May for the Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant Support


43. Checked attendance & leave requests
44. Reconciled payments received from Clients
45. Update sales tracker
46. Prepare and send invoices
47. Send payment reminders to the clients
48. Prepare and send VA & Client contract for signature
49. Follow-up Client & VA Contract - unsigned contracts
50. Replied to Clients/VA inquiries about invoices, leave etc.
51. Meeting with Jean (a clients VA) to support her with NDIS invoice calculations
52. Prepare payroll
53. Finalize the budget for the upcoming Team building
54. Process Payroll via Wise
55. Let Maureen know when it is time for her to pay the payroll
56. Prepare & send pay slips

Finance and Payroll - 100 things our Virtual Assistant Support did

Paid ads

Advertisement - 100 things our Virtual Assistant Support did

57. Running video views ads to also help build brand awareness
58. Researching about Omnipresent Facebook Ads campaign to help with the next month's campaigns
59. Spoke to the Facebook liaison to see if we could get clarity from them about why our cost per lead is going up
60. Monitoring and Listing the people who downloaded the Recruitment book lead magnet from Facebook and Google Ads to have a record of people we can target for campaigns in the future.

61. Planning on next months paid ads
62. Tracked Facebook Ads progress
63. Troubleshoot Facebook Ads account errors
64. Re-strategize paid ads structure
65. Watched video tutorials for LinkedIn Ads to explore the potential for this new paid ads platform for Global Teams


Client communication Support

66. Send email notification to clients for the Virtual Assistants leave requests
67. Creating Holiday notice broadcast to remind our Clients and Virtual Assistants of the upcoming holidays


68. Review applications
69. Sort Monday.com
70. Send replies to candidates.
71. Collaborate with Shaa (Recruitment specialist) regarding candidates to recommend
72. Interview candidates
73. Re-schedule candidates for possible early interview
74. Create recruitment processes
75. Review recruitment processes

HR Recruitment

76.Organized interviews for potential candidates for the client matching
77. Sending messages/Calling candidates for follow-up in attending the client interview
78. Organizing calendar invites for the candidates to the client interview
79. Sending the Candidates' Profile to clients
80. Send sms to remind applicants to schedule an interview.
81. Call potential candidates to skip schedules for interviews for urgent clients.
82. Daily checked-in with the VAs to make sure all their concerns were attended.
83. Kept an eye out for our next Global Teams internal team member. Organized for the superstar candidates to meet the relevant internal team members so that Carmen could meet the top two upon her return from leave.

SEO and website optimisation

84. Removed unused images on website to free up space
85. Optimizing photos on homepage and contact us page, making photos smaller and compressing it to improve website loading time
86. Checking for unused pages and saving it as a template for future use
87. Trash/delete unused website pages on WordPress
88. Signing up to Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cloudflare (through our SiteGround hosting account) to improve our loading time
89. Researching on how to resolve render blocking issues to make our website speed faster. This is one of the main reasons why our website loads slow.
90. WordPress responsive editing for Tablet and Mobile view on the following pages: Home, Our Story, Our Team, How we Help You to have better navigation experience on all devices

SEO and Web Design - 100 things our Virtual Assistant Support did

91. Photo and other Media files Optimization by reducing the size without compromising quality to improve loading time on the website
92. Website Page speed focus by working opportunities after conducting analysis on PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse Report such as uninstalling unnecessary plugins, reduced image size, install Autoptimize caching on wordpress.
90. Website page speed - getting rid some of unused JS (Javascript) and render blocking resources such as CSS on themes and plugins

Last but certainly not least, Team Support

94. Met with the internal team and planned the upcoming Global Teams Retreat
95. Taught recruitment team to create automations in our project management tool so that they can make changes to their process independently
96. Created the Tinder book cover
97. Liaised with the printer to get it into the exact format they needed (went back a forth multiple times until we got it)
98. Reviewed the tinder book e layout for errors
99. Liaised with the layout person to rectify the layout errors
100. Uploaded new and improved e book layout on Amazon

Team Meeting

So what can a Virtual Assistant do? They can do a lot!

Don’t get me wrong, not one person can do ALL of this (if you find someone that can introduce me!)

But we do have a lot of talented people that work within our team.

Our recruitment team receives 100 applications for every one person that we hire.

They are the best and finding the gold.

If you are looking for support from a Virtual Assistant, so that your business is not at a stand still when you go on holidays, then LET's CHAT!

10 admin task featured image

10 Admin Tasks that you should NOT be doing EVER!

Do you feel like you never have enough time?

There are so many things to do for your business, leaving little time for you to work on the more important stuff.

You know… The things that can upscale your business and generate more revenue.

We totally get you.

Instead of using your valuable time doing administrative tasks, you should be getting your Virtual Assistant to do them instead!

Today, I wanted to summarise the 10 admin tasks that you should NOT be doing, and hiring a Virtual Assistant to do instead.

There are many things a Virtual Assistant can support you with, including a whole heap of administrative tasks.
What are some
administrative tasks examples?

Let's have a look 10 of them:

10 admin tasks sample
10 admin task sample

Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the general admin tasks:

email management - admin task

Responding to emails

Your Virtual Assistant can organise and respond to many of your emails and direct messages from various platforms, so you never miss out on the important ones! 

For example, our VA Jonathan effectively organises and responds to many of Maureen and Carmen’s emails and messages across various platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. He also schedules and changes appointments for leads and clients. This way, Jonathan deals with logistics and changes so Maureen and Carmen don’t have to. They just get the precise information needed and just rock up for the zoom meeting. Interested to see what tasks our Virtual Assistant supported us this week?

Now, you might be wondering...

How can my Virtual Assistant respond to messages in LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram so that it sounds like me? Well, there are several approaches to this. You can provide draft samples to your Virtual Assistant as templates which ensures that the right messages are sent. Or, they can learn your tone of voiceover time.

Is it ethical to have someone answer for me?

It’s about what YOU feel comfortable with. If there are any personal messages, Jonathan just lets Carmen or Maureen know. (and Carmen keeps her dating in other apps only she has access too. 

Does a VA answer all the messages?

No. Sometimes, Jonathan will let Maureen and Carmen know about a message so they can answer the person or call them.

10 admin blog hand

Connecting with people on LinkedIn

Your Virtual Assistant can help you find valuable people on LinkedIn to build your network. 

For example, Evan, who works with one of our clients, regularly reviews and accepts LinkedIn invitations while searching for potential opportunities and customers. Furthermore, she makes sure to reach out and respond to new connections.

You might be wondering…

How will my Virtual Assistant know the right people to connect with? Great question! 

As your Virtual Assistant learns about your business, they will understand the type of people you wish to connect with. You can also provide your Virtual Assistant with a connection criteria.  So for example, you may want to connect with CEOs and directors in the financial services sector in Sydney who have staff. 

Your VA can group connections so you can run campaigns that interest a particular group.
Take a look at this list to see the
7 Easy LinkedIn Tasks you should be doing.

sending invoice - admin task

Sending Invoices

Your Virtual Assistant can help you with the invoicing process, so that you can minimise stress and utilise time more effectively by spending it on more important tasks! 

For example, our Virtual Assistant Jing tracks, manages, and sends out all our client invoices, making sure that all details and amounts are correct. She also takes note of outstanding invoices, sending follow-ups promptly and reconciles the accounts in Xero.

Maureen also had a huge load lifted when Jing took over preparing the payroll too. Now Maureen just has to run her eye over it to check and press the pay button!

You might be wondering…

About confidentiality and security issues. Rest assured, our Virtual Assistants have gone through extensive recruitment processes with us to make sure they are trustworthy and competent. Furthermore, we can introduce you to a variety of tools that we, and our clients, use to aid in enhanced security and provide you with peace of mind.

And it’s really like getting any kind of support staff in your business. You wouldn’t hand over bank account details on day one. Trust is built over time.

Now, there are a multitude of other admin tasks that your Virtual Assistant can help you with. If you’re interested in getting a Virtual Assistant and not sure where to start, have a Chat With Us! Global Teams have helped many business owners to get key Virtual Assistant support, enabling them to spend more time doing the things that they want. 

Wanting to know more?

We have summarised the rest of the admin tasks that you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant in this awesome book.

If you want a copy,

5 tasks our VAs supported us with this week

5 tasks our VAs supported us with this week

5 tasks our VAs supported us with this week​

5 tasks our Virtual Assistants supported us with this week

When you research what a Virtual Assistant can do for you, the answers often have NO context, strategy and are too broad (Admin and social media marketing anyone?). So I thought I’d contextualise with some practical examples of what our VAs did for us last week. Hopefully it will spark some ideas for you.

1. When a potential client told me she wanted a Virtual Assistant to speak on the phone with an Australian accent, I knew we weren’t the right company to help. Our awesome Virtual Assistant, Jong, knew I had the meeting (as he’d put it in my diary in the first place), so he contacted me after to get clarity. I told him this potential client was in fact cold (meaning we can’t help her and don’t need to follow up), so he updated the leads list with the relevant info).

All leads get categorized as cold, warm or hot on the spreadsheet (with a comment), so we can prioritise who we need to follow up, and not bother those who don’t need us right now.
Jong oversees the list so Carmen and I don’t drop any balls and Carmen meets with him for 30 mins each week to get her follow-up actions around leads.

2. Our website is loading too slowing at the moment so the amazingly-driven Tin is helping us fix this. She is currently going through website to do something to the images to make it load faster (that’s all I need to know about that). You see, the outcome is that we want a faster load speed, it’s a priority. Tin and the team are working out the “how”. I do not know every single detail but get updates and give input when we have our marketing meeting.

3. One of our Virtual Assistants sent Carmen’s new connection video on LinkedIn to new connections. We mix the connection message up a bit. Sometimes it’s a text message, sometimes video (depends how we are feeling). It’s a good way to touch people so you are memorable. We only have to create the message or video once in a while, and then hand it over to the team member and they do the rest.

4. We are getting new clients in the USA (thanks, Clubhouse), so we had to get time zone clarity. Carmen cracks me up. She is so intelligent but reckons working out time zones does her head in. She asked Jonathan to sort it for her. I think he found her a good app so problem solved. (It might not sound like a big thing, but taking that mental load off researching solutions can really free up time and headspace).

5. Our creative genius Charles, does an amazing job at editing our raw videos. Carmen came to my house recently and we did another 30 videos. (We like batching). We sent them to Charles (well Carmen did, as she’s the “do it immediately person”). Charles, worked his editing magic with some humorous inserts, zooms and clipping (not technical terms but you get my drift…). This made them more interesting and created pattern interrupt to make them WAY more engaging. 

So, there you have it, folks. Hope this has helped spark some ideas on how you can use your existing Virtual Assistants to help you get your business humming and growing.

And if you haven’t got a Virtual Assistant yet, and what to talk about the possibilities, you can make a time to speak with Carmen. (Link)

Global Teams - Hire a Virtual Assistant featured photo

7 Easy LinkedIN Tasks you (or your VA) should be doing

Global Teams - Hire a Virtual Assistant featured photo

7 Easy LinkedIn Tasks you (or your LinkedIn Virtual Assistant) should be doing

LinkedIn is a great marketing tool. You can connect with your target market, find strategic alliances and get business. Sadly many business owners don't use it consistently (or at all) and I reckon they are missing out.

So I've listed 7 easy things that you can do right now to build relationships and get business through LinkedIn.

You CAN do it all yourself. But if your business is really rocking you will want to get support from a LinkedIn Virtual Assistants (so that you can focus on all your leads).

1. Set up a relevant and recent profile.

Make sure you have a great picture on LinkedIn (so people get good vibes from you) and a compelling tagline (so people pay attention and want to connect with you).

Taglines like "director", or "manager" don't really tell people much.

Instead, you could mention an outcome you provide for people  and/or the key services you offer.

(e.g. Commercial Software Strategist, Saving Software Entrepreneurs TIME, ENERGY And A BIG PILE of CASH, Board Member, and Translator of IT Gibberish)

Having a profile that is relevant to your current business activities is also a no-brainer. (Not one that you stuck up 9 and a half years ago late one night….)

People don't often scroll down much (and it's one of the first things they will see after your photo and tagline), so it's important to get your bio right.

And don't make it like a resume. Give a bit of yourself and your passion. Tell a story or two...

2. Research and connect 

It's important to determine who you want to connect with on LI and then connect to them, so that you are growing the RIGHT connections.

(And speaking from experience, my initial criteria of connecting with random people I found mildly attractive is not REALLY a great ongoing business strategy :)).

The good news is that you don't have to lock yourself in. For a few months you may want to connect with people in the professional services industry in Sydney with over 10 employees. Another month you may want to go for the CEOs and Directors in the property industry in Melbourne with over 1000 employees. (Sales Navigator is a great tool to help you narrow these groups down).

This way you can test and measure, and you can align who you are connecting with with your current product or service offering.

3. Create content 

You (or your LinkedIn Virtual Assistant) could create content to post on LinkedIn so your target market and contacts are exposed to your brand, as they see you in their newsfeed every time they login. You could put together videos, images or text posts.

It’s not really a good idea to share too many of other people’s posts as the LI algorithm doesn’t like it much and doesn’t show it so it is often a waste of your valuable time. That’s why it’s great to have a VA creating and repurposing content from your website or other social media and material. (Happy to chat further about your strategy around this).

4. Post content

Posting regularly and in a consistent manner can also be very useful (instead of the all or nothing approach many people have).

And if you are posting it up yourself and you think it’s a good use of your genius and time, you might like to re-think it. 🙂

I bet you have soooo much great content sitting around that you are NOT repurposing. There's probably photos or blogs, or content on your website that could be used. And what about that podcast you were a guest on or those videos you shot...

And if you don't have a lot of content, maybe think of what you can create (or your VA can create for you) quite easily.

5. Private message marketing 

How about sending private messages to all your contacts on LinkedIn or to those you specify. Maybe it’s a “happy birthday” message, a message about a win, or an offer of a downloadable, webinar, call or the like….

(Carmen and I recently recorded birthday videos while we were in country Victoria where I was singing happy birthday in French. People generally love something different).

Your VA could also send messages tailored to certain groups. So, for instance, if you were targeting “Accountants in Sydney”, your VA could send a personal message relevant to them. help you write your message.)

Our most successful reach-out campaign was sending messages to our contacts with an offer to receive my book "What a VA Can Do For You"

So far over 1700 people have given us their email address for us to send them the book.

6. Get people off LinkedIn 

The one rule of LinkedIn is to get people off LinkedIn!

Start a conversation, set a time, offer value...get them into your database, into a phone or zoom meeting

And if you don't want to spend hours personally responding to everyone, maybe get your VA to do it on your behalf.

e.g  Your VA could answer requests on LinkedIn by letting your contact know you will get back to them. They could pass on information to you, or set up a time to chat by creating a meeting and putting it in your diary for you. As well as being more efficient, it also raises your status, having a VA supporting you.

7. Systemise your LinkedIn leads process

If you are doing everything above, then you are going to get leads. (A very good problem to have).

It is important to get a clear process happening so you don't drop any balls.

To be honest I used to be a bit old school and continually write lists of my leads (and then be unable to find them in my book). I also went through a stage of keeping a spreadsheet but then wouldn’t look at it enough, or even forget I had it and start another one!

We now have a leads tracker and it gets updated in our CRM. And my awesome VA, Jonathan notifies me if I have to get back to someone.

So there you have it!

I really encourage you to utilise LinkedIn more and add it as part of your marketing efforts. It has just been so valuable to our business over the last three years.

As they used to say in the old Westerns, "There's gold in them there hills"!

Have fun!

6 ways to show your VAs and other team members you appreciate them-post header

6 ways to show your VAs and other team members you appreciate them

6 ways to show your VAs and other team members you appreciate them

 “Correction does much, but encouragement does more,” said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, inspiration writer and statesman.  Being a business owner is not just about assigning tasks or designating directives, it also means having the emotional capacity to show your staff that you appreciate and value them. 

Here are the various ways you can make your VAs and other colleagues feel like a valuable member of your team: 

  1. Say thank you and be specific

e.g Thanks for getting that done so quickly.

e.g Thanks for checking all my LinkedIn messages. Really took a load off me.

e.g Thanks for the piece of work. The client really liked the diversity of solutions.

It may sound elementary but some people just don’t do it, not realizing how powerful this seemingly-small act is.

  1. Acknowledge good ideas – even if just the root of a good idea.

Two of my clients were recently quite angry about not being acknowledged for their good ideas. Others built on them slightly and got all the credit. Remember to acknowledge even if you think the contribution wasn’t huge. It’s all about perception. This is where what is not said is just as important as what is.

  1. Give more responsibility and ownership

By letting go of total control, and letting people have ownership of a task, project, or role in business, you are showing you trust and appreciate them.

  1. Don’t pigeon-hole people in terms of what you think you know they are capable of

Give people a chance and support them and believe in them. If they prove you wrong then reassess. However, most of us can change, learn, and improve in a supportive environment.

  1. Show you respect them by being honest and not putting issues in the too-hard-basket.

Address issues as they come up in constructive ways. This doesn’t mean go “blah” every time someone does something that displeases you. Do it in a controlled and constructive way when you have thought it through. But don’t leave it too long. This gives everyone concerned a chance to clarify, state their case and step up if required.

  1. Give them your time by touching base often

Relationship building takes time, so find the time and start building in a way that works for you – even if it’s a stretch at first.

e.g. One of my first ever clients years ago turned her team around in a matter of weeks by stopping to say hello to individuals in the morning. She is very task orientated and efficient and didn’t really see the need to spend idle time chatting. As a result, the team didn’t really see the need to perform for a manager who didn’t appreciate them enough to even stop and say hello. As soon as she took the time, she was more aware of what was going on for people, they felt appreciated and output improved dramatically.

10 Ways to give positive feedback and get people to do what you want

10 Ways to give positive feedback and get people to do what you want.

We get better results when we give feedback that is specific and relevant, and this builds solid foundations so that something strong can be constructed from that.

Let’s look at the top ten ways to give positive feedback to people in your business and personal life.

  1. Give it in the first place – in some form 

People can’t mind read. Don’t presume they know you are pleased with them. You can make someone’s day, week or year, so make sure you don’t deny them that pleasure. (Research has shown that the impact of saying a specific, relevant thank you can be felt a long time afterwards.)

  2. Make it personal 

No one reinforce works with everyone, so find out what each person values. You can do this by experimenting. Try different ways for different people and see what reaction you get. E.g. when I used to work with some graphics guys, I would point out the specific creativity I noticed in their work and how effective it was. They thrived on it and they produced more and more fantastic creative results for our clients.

  3. Make it earned 

People respect most what they earn. It’s your job to set up opportunities for people to earn positive reinforcement. Set people up for success where possible. 

  4. Make it immediate if you can 

When you see desirable behaviour, reinforce it immediately. The more immediate the reinforcement, the more effective it is. Try to catch people in the act of doing what you want. This is not just staff. It can even be a supplier who delivers on time. E.g “Thanks, for being so reliable. Bob. Can always count on you.”

  5. Make it frequent 

It takes many reinforcers to turn desirable behavior into a habit. If you want to encourage people to do it a certain way, reinforce that you are happy with it being done that way.

  6. Direct it to right person 

Don’t let it get stuck in a bottleneck or be misdirected. Most of us have feel that kick in the guts when the credit for our work is given to someone else. Be mindful of not doing this to others. One way to do this is to thank everyone involved, or even ask people of their involvement if not sure.

  7. Make it relevant and specific 

It loses impact if it’s not. The person then knows exactly where they stand and what you liked.

  8. Make it genuine 

Don’t say something you don’t mean. It stands out a mile away and it can possibly damage trust.

  9. Do it in a way that you feel comfortable with 

If you are not comfortable saying it in front of a large group, then don’t. And it doesn’t always have to be words alone. Maybe it’s giving someone more business, or more responsibility.

  10. Choose the right type of feedback for the situation 

Flowers and a note may be appropriate for Bob, but not for Megan. Taking the time to walk across the office to give recognition personally to John may be very appropriate and significant.

Challenge: Give positive, specific, relevant positive feedback to five people this week. E.g. your business partner, clients, your child, a contractor. Notice how it makes you feel, the reaction you get from them on that occasion and the next time you see them.