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Service departments

We support our clients with remote team members who phone customers who’ve recently had their car serviced to see how satisfied they are. If there are problems then the dealership finds about about it and can focus on continued improvements for better satisfaction and client retention. When the customers are happy, they can use this information to present to the manufacturers.

Some car dealerships handle this all important service follow-up in-house, but it is often not done consistently or effectively, as their current staff can be busy with other duties as well.

We can help you get dedicated remote team members to make outbound calls to gauge customer satisfaction, take inbound calls to support customers, and become an integral part of your growth and improved bottom line.

Marketing departments

Consistent effective marketing is time consuming and often gets left when a dealership gets busy, only to be ramped up again when things get quiet. One of the factors contributing to lack of new customers is this lack of consistency in marketing and advertising.

To avoid this feast or famine, and to free up your current staff’s time (or your own), we support you with with intelligent, motivated marketing support team members who can add value and consistency to your current marketing efforts.

Marketing Departments

You know your customers best, and therefore lead the strategy. Your remote team member helps to implement your marketing and keep things consistent.

They can contribute by putting ads up on Facebook, LinkedIN and other platforms, file images, post on social media, create graphics and do market research. Getting a remote team member can lead to significant savings by decreasing the need for creative ad agencies and management fees.

Finance Department


Let’s face it, a lot of tasks in finance are tedious and repetitive but are still extremely important. We can help with team members who report to your current finance team who can help with ongoing work such as reconciliation, invoicing, and putting deal packs together.

This frees up your current finance team to improve processes and have a more strategic role in the business.

Where's your bottleneck?

Some things get pushed aside when things get busy or there are competing priorities. What if you had someone there to help take the load of you and your team so you could be doing more of the business building stuff…

Having a remote team member on your team is cost effective for sure, but of even greater significance is what having them there contributing consistently can do for you, your current team.
and your bottom line.

We can help you to find one or more great team members, and support you ongoing so you can grow an effective, enthusiastic, efficient team.


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