What Virtual Assistants Can Do For You

Book - What a Virtual Assistant can do for your business

What is in the book?

Learn about what a virtual assistant do for you in your business to free up your time (so you can work in your area of genius and grow your business).

I cover the key areas of business they can help you in (and explanations of tasks).

I help you work out EXACTLY how having a virtual assistant could work for YOUR business.

Message From the Author

Maureen Pound

Maureen Pound

Co-founder of Global Teams

I spent my extra time at home over COVID nutting out exactly all the things a VA can for you in your business (to take the load off you and help you grow the business...)

I've given in depth explanations of exactly how it could work. (From LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing to admin and bookkeeping...and everything in between).

I'm sure it will spark some ideas and help you get clearer about what you should be doing in your business and what you can get help with...

So if you'd like to get more support with current work, or want to start a new project, (and need to get clearer) then this book will help.

Feel free to download (it's on me. :))


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