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Graeme - Testimonial

Graeme Hayward

Uniform Image

At first I thought I’d rather get Tessa [Graeme’s VA] to do just a bit of artwork but this has really evolved. She now allows me to grow the business (because I have more time) as she is doing a lot of the detailed work. Some of the things she does:

✔️Pre-production mockups and production artwork

✔️Research for our marketing by getting contact details of prospective clients

✔️Building up our LinkedIn connections in a BIG way

Russell Johnson

Russell Johnson & Associates

I was referred to Global Teams by a friend who is also a client. Our VA, Ryan, has been with us for 3 months, helping me get things done that I was simply unable to get to. His work and his commitment are exemplary and the journey so far has been an unqualified success.
I’m aiming to add a second VA in the near future and very much looking forward to the support of Global Teams in the process. I love the firm’s commitment to ensuring the relationship is good for both VAs and clients. Highly recommended.

Client testimonial - Global teams virtual assistant support


The People Factor

Right from the outset I was clear with Carmen that I didn’t want a virtual assistant, I wanted a unicorn. By which I mean, someone I could rely on to manage all aspects of my business.  I am thrilled with the relationship my business manager and I have developed over these past months.

Chris Wolfe


Global Teams have been a trusted partner over the past 2 years, with exceptional service. Carmen and Maureen go the extra mile in helping their clients grow and build their businesses, over and above the excellent virtual assistants themselves.

Michael Royal

BIR Solutions

I have a wonderful VA, Anna, who together with me, is developing a lot of knowledge around social media etc. Plus, I have access to Carmen and we talk regularly about where things are at, new initiatives, problems and roadblocks and of course solutions. Thanks Carmen and Maureen!

Michael Royal - Testimonial
Client Testimonial - Darren Zhou

Darren Zhou

Magico Construction

On top of providing me with a great VA, Maureen and Carmen often reach out to me to see how everything is going. They have helped me with great marketing ideas and LinkedIn implementation strategies.




Michelle Hartjes-client testimonial

Michelle Hartjes

Bespoke Packaging

Hiring a VA through Global Teams was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my business. The stress has lifted and I feel back in control again and things are getting done!

Holly Locastro

The Marketing Project (TMP)

We hired a videographer VA, through Global Teams six months ago and I could not be happier. Not only is he a fabulous addition to our team but the support Carmen and Maureen provide is second to none.

Client Testimonial - Holly Locastro
Client Testimonial - Emi Golding

Emi Golding

Workplace Mental Health Institute

Great customer care. I have been very impressed with the service, follow up and ongoing support offered by Global Teams.

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Virtual Assistant Support - Client Testimonial Kristen

Kristen Porter

O*NO Legal

I recently hired my first VA through Global Teams and have been absolutely blown away by the quality of not only the candidates they put forward, but my new VA. She has fast become an invaluable team member who I rely on heavily and I can’t imagine life without her now. Her written English is amazing and the team are so supportive that when I hit that next growth milestone I will be adding another VA through Global Teams. Can’t recommend highly enough.



Carmen and Maureen – who else would you turn to when you are ready to engage a VA. Everything is taken care of and you are certain to find the best VA fitting to you and your practice or business.
And not only are Carmen and Maureen organise your VA they also help you with your marketing, your positioning and your content creation. Because with their experience over a cross-section of businesses they know what works and what does not.
I love their sense of humour and the way they run their Global Teams. Always coming up with new ideas and surprises.
Carmen and Maureen are a great team and you can 100% depend on them when it comes to engaging a VA. (Wish I’d done it years sooner)

Jurgen - Testimonial
Bond Hair Religion - Client - Logo



Mary - Virtual Assistant Support - Testimonial

Our VA, Mary, is a valued and integral part of our team. With a very lengthy ‘to-do’ list, I was in two minds about getting an assistant and having to explain tasks – was it easier to just do it myself instead? Global Teams introduced us to a terrific VA and I would now really struggle without her. It was reassuring to get to interview a couple of candidates to find the right ‘fit’. Global Teams did an awesome job of checking in and monitoring everything but Mary, hit the ground running and we have been great from the start. The key to success, in my opinion, is to be clear with instructions. VA’s from GlobalTeams are very keen to help, so any errors are normally due to a miscommunication. Patience goes a long way in the very beginning and you will be very pleased you took the extra time. Thanks Global Teams for introducing us to Mary and all the help she is giving our team.


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What a VA can do for you - book

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