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7 Easy LinkedIn Tasks you (or your LinkedIn Virtual Assistant) should be doing

LinkedIn is a great marketing tool. You can connect with your target market, find strategic alliances and get business. Sadly many business owners don't use it consistently (or at all) and I reckon they are missing out.

So I've listed 7 easy things that you can do right now to build relationships and get business through LinkedIn.

You CAN do it all yourself. But if your business is really rocking you will want to get support from a LinkedIn Virtual Assistants (so that you can focus on all your leads).

1. Set up a relevant and recent profile.

Make sure you have a great picture on LinkedIn (so people get good vibes from you) and a compelling tagline (so people pay attention and want to connect with you).

Taglines like "director", or "manager" don't really tell people much.

Instead, you could mention an outcome you provide for people  and/or the key services you offer.

(e.g. Commercial Software Strategist, Saving Software Entrepreneurs TIME, ENERGY And A BIG PILE of CASH, Board Member, and Translator of IT Gibberish)

Having a profile that is relevant to your current business activities is also a no-brainer. (Not one that you stuck up 9 and a half years ago late one night….)

People don't often scroll down much (and it's one of the first things they will see after your photo and tagline), so it's important to get your bio right.

And don't make it like a resume. Give a bit of yourself and your passion. Tell a story or two...

2. Research and connect 

It's important to determine who you want to connect with on LI and then connect to them, so that you are growing the RIGHT connections.

(And speaking from experience, my initial criteria of connecting with random people I found mildly attractive is not REALLY a great ongoing business strategy :)).

The good news is that you don't have to lock yourself in. For a few months you may want to connect with people in the professional services industry in Sydney with over 10 employees. Another month you may want to go for the CEOs and Directors in the property industry in Melbourne with over 1000 employees. (Sales Navigator is a great tool to help you narrow these groups down).

This way you can test and measure, and you can align who you are connecting with with your current product or service offering.

3. Create content 

You (or your LinkedIn Virtual Assistant) could create content to post on LinkedIn so your target market and contacts are exposed to your brand, as they see you in their newsfeed every time they login. You could put together videos, images or text posts.

It’s not really a good idea to share too many of other people’s posts as the LI algorithm doesn’t like it much and doesn’t show it so it is often a waste of your valuable time. That’s why it’s great to have a VA creating and repurposing content from your website or other social media and material. (Happy to chat further about your strategy around this).

4. Post content

Posting regularly and in a consistent manner can also be very useful (instead of the all or nothing approach many people have).

And if you are posting it up yourself and you think it’s a good use of your genius and time, you might like to re-think it. 🙂

I bet you have soooo much great content sitting around that you are NOT repurposing. There's probably photos or blogs, or content on your website that could be used. And what about that podcast you were a guest on or those videos you shot...

And if you don't have a lot of content, maybe think of what you can create (or your VA can create for you) quite easily.

5. Private message marketing 

How about sending private messages to all your contacts on LinkedIn or to those you specify. Maybe it’s a “happy birthday” message, a message about a win, or an offer of a downloadable, webinar, call or the like….

(Carmen and I recently recorded birthday videos while we were in country Victoria where I was singing happy birthday in French. People generally love something different).

Your VA could also send messages tailored to certain groups. So, for instance, if you were targeting “Accountants in Sydney”, your VA could send a personal message relevant to them. help you write your message.)

Our most successful reach-out campaign was sending messages to our contacts with an offer to receive my book "What a VA Can Do For You"

So far over 1700 people have given us their email address for us to send them the book.

6. Get people off LinkedIn 

The one rule of LinkedIn is to get people off LinkedIn!

Start a conversation, set a time, offer value...get them into your database, into a phone or zoom meeting

And if you don't want to spend hours personally responding to everyone, maybe get your VA to do it on your behalf.

e.g  Your VA could answer requests on LinkedIn by letting your contact know you will get back to them. They could pass on information to you, or set up a time to chat by creating a meeting and putting it in your diary for you. As well as being more efficient, it also raises your status, having a VA supporting you.

7. Systemise your LinkedIn leads process

If you are doing everything above, then you are going to get leads. (A very good problem to have).

It is important to get a clear process happening so you don't drop any balls.

To be honest I used to be a bit old school and continually write lists of my leads (and then be unable to find them in my book). I also went through a stage of keeping a spreadsheet but then wouldn’t look at it enough, or even forget I had it and start another one!

We now have a leads tracker and it gets updated in our CRM. And my awesome VA, Jonathan notifies me if I have to get back to someone.

So there you have it!

I really encourage you to utilise LinkedIn more and add it as part of your marketing efforts. It has just been so valuable to our business over the last three years.

As they used to say in the old Westerns, "There's gold in them there hills"!

Have fun!

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