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5 tasks our VAs supported us with this week​

5 tasks our Virtual Assistants supported us with this week

When you research what a Virtual Assistant can do for you, the answers often have NO context, strategy and are too broad (Admin and social media marketing anyone?). So I thought I’d contextualise with some practical examples of what our VAs did for us last week. Hopefully it will spark some ideas for you.

1. When a potential client told me she wanted a Virtual Assistant to speak on the phone with an Australian accent, I knew we weren’t the right company to help. Our awesome Virtual Assistant, Jong, knew I had the meeting (as he’d put it in my diary in the first place), so he contacted me after to get clarity. I told him this potential client was in fact cold (meaning we can’t help her and don’t need to follow up), so he updated the leads list with the relevant info).

All leads get categorized as cold, warm or hot on the spreadsheet (with a comment), so we can prioritise who we need to follow up, and not bother those who don’t need us right now.
Jong oversees the list so Carmen and I don’t drop any balls and Carmen meets with him for 30 mins each week to get her follow-up actions around leads.

2. Our website is loading too slowing at the moment so the amazingly-driven Tin is helping us fix this. She is currently going through website to do something to the images to make it load faster (that’s all I need to know about that). You see, the outcome is that we want a faster load speed, it’s a priority. Tin and the team are working out the “how”. I do not know every single detail but get updates and give input when we have our marketing meeting.

3. One of our Virtual Assistants sent Carmen’s new connection video on LinkedIn to new connections. We mix the connection message up a bit. Sometimes it’s a text message, sometimes video (depends how we are feeling). It’s a good way to touch people so you are memorable. We only have to create the message or video once in a while, and then hand it over to the team member and they do the rest.

4. We are getting new clients in the USA (thanks, Clubhouse), so we had to get time zone clarity. Carmen cracks me up. She is so intelligent but reckons working out time zones does her head in. She asked Jonathan to sort it for her. I think he found her a good app so problem solved. (It might not sound like a big thing, but taking that mental load off researching solutions can really free up time and headspace).

5. Our creative genius Charles, does an amazing job at editing our raw videos. Carmen came to my house recently and we did another 30 videos. (We like batching). We sent them to Charles (well Carmen did, as she’s the “do it immediately person”). Charles, worked his editing magic with some humorous inserts, zooms and clipping (not technical terms but you get my drift…). This made them more interesting and created pattern interrupt to make them WAY more engaging. 

So, there you have it, folks. Hope this has helped spark some ideas on how you can use your existing Virtual Assistants to help you get your business humming and growing.

And if you haven’t got a Virtual Assistant yet, and what to talk about the possibilities, you can make a time to speak with Carmen. (Link)

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