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Do you feel like you never have enough time?

There are so many things to do for your business, leaving little time for you to work on the more important stuff.

You know… The things that can upscale your business and generate more revenue.

We totally get you.

Instead of using your valuable time doing administrative tasks, you should be getting your Virtual Assistant to do them instead!

Today, I wanted to summarise the 10 admin tasks that you should NOT be doing, and hiring a Virtual Assistant to do instead.

There are many things a Virtual Assistant can support you with, including a whole heap of administrative tasks.
What are some
administrative tasks examples?

Let’s have a look 10 of them:

10 admin tasks sample
10 admin task sample

Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the general admin tasks:

email management - admin taskResponding to emails

5. Identify leads and provide a schedule for a meeting
6. Schedule a meeting and send the calendar invite
7. Add them into our CRM and project management tool for database record
8. Send follow up message to leads that didn’t respond to the initial message

Now, you might be wondering…

How can my Virtual Assistant respond to messages in LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram so that it sounds like me? Well, there are several approaches to this. You can provide draft samples to your Virtual Assistant as templates which ensures that the right messages are sent. Or, they can learn your tone of voiceover time.

Is it ethical to have someone answer for me?

It’s about what YOU feel comfortable with. If there are any personal messages, Jonathan just lets Carmen or Maureen know. (and Carmen keeps her dating in other apps only she has access too. 

Does a VA answer all the messages?

No. Sometimes, Jonathan will let Maureen and Carmen know about a message so they can answer the person or call them.

10 admin blog handConnecting with people on LinkedIn

Your Virtual Assistant can help you find valuable people on LinkedIn to build your network. 

For example, Evan, who works with one of our clients, regularly reviews and accepts LinkedIn invitations while searching for potential opportunities and customers. Furthermore, she makes sure to reach out and respond to new connections.

You might be wondering…

How will my Virtual Assistant know the right people to connect with? Great question! 

As your Virtual Assistant learns about your business, they will understand the type of people you wish to connect with. You can also provide your Virtual Assistant with a connection criteria.  So for example, you may want to connect with CEOs and directors in the financial services sector in Sydney who have staff. 

Your VA can group connections so you can run campaigns that interest a particular group.
Take a look at this list to see the
7 Easy LinkedIn Tasks you should be doing.

sending invoice - admin taskSending Invoices

Your Virtual Assistant can help you with the invoicing process, so that you can minimise stress and utilise time more effectively by spending it on more important tasks! 

For example, our Virtual Assistant Jing tracks, manages, and sends out all our client invoices, making sure that all details and amounts are correct. She also takes note of outstanding invoices, sending follow-ups promptly and reconciles the accounts in Xero.

Maureen also had a huge load lifted when Jing took over preparing the payroll too. Now Maureen just has to run her eye over it to check and press the pay button!

You might be wondering…

About confidentiality and security issues. Rest assured, our Virtual Assistants have gone through extensive recruitment processes with us to make sure they are trustworthy and competent. Furthermore, we can introduce you to a variety of tools that we, and our clients, use to aid in enhanced security and provide you with peace of mind.

And it’s really like getting any kind of support staff in your business. You wouldn’t hand over bank account details on day one. Trust is built over time.

Now, there are a multitude of other admin tasks that your Virtual Assistant can help you with. If you’re interested in getting a Virtual Assistant and not sure where to start, have a Chat With Us! Global Teams have helped many business owners to get key Virtual Assistant support, enabling them to spend more time doing the things that they want. 


Wanting to know more?

We have summarised the rest of the admin tasks that you can delegate to your Virtual Assistant in this awesome book.

If you want a copy,

What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

What a VA can do for you - book

What is in the book?

Learn about what a virtual assistant do for you in your business to free up your time (so you can work in your area of genius and grow your business).
I cover the key areas of business they can help you in (and explanations of tasks).
I help you work out EXACTLY how having a virtual assistant could work for YOUR business.