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Is virtual assistant support right for YOUR business?

Many people come to us knowing that virtual assistant support is something they'd like to explore. However, they are often unclear about how it could work for their business and EXACTLY what a VA could do for them.

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Getting clear

We help you get clear by exploring the questions you may be pondering.... Do you need someone full time or part time?

What skillset do they need? Exactly what should they be doing in your business to really make a difference to your bottom line? Is now the right time to get a VA?

And I need to tell you, we often recommend that getting a virtual assistant is NOT the best next step for you. It may seem counterintuitive because we have a VA business, but if you're not quite ready then it's often not the best outcome for anyone.

Getting it right

If you do decide VA support is for you, then we make the process a lot easier and more streamlined. We help you work out exactly what you need, what things the VA will be doing in your business to help you, and then we find the right person to support you and your business (the right fit is really important, so you get to choose from a few star candidates).

We are REALLY all about helping you get yourself out of the day-to-day so you can use your genius in other areas to grow your business, do something you have been meaning to do for ages, or simply spend more time enjoying life. (We are partial to fitness adventures at the moment and Maureen is writing that book she has been meaning to write for ages...)

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Ongoing support

We also help you work out how you can best support your virtual assistant once you've chosen your person, and how to make them a valuable member of your team.

You really do need to put in some time and effort (or someone on your team does) to set your amazing new team member up for success.

If you support them to do their job well everyone benefits and it can really help you grow your business AND free up your time.

How are you spending your time?

It's so important for you to work in your zone of genius more often, and you need time and headspace to do this. If you are constantly being distracted doing your own social media posts, answering emails, answering LinkedIn messages, updating leads, answering customer queries, making appointments and making presentations look good...then it doesn't leave time for the things ONLY you can do to grow and nurture your business.

Getting a virtual assistant can really help with so many administration, social media marketing tasks, and customer support activities to get them off your plate. It's often a game-changer for many business owners and they end up getting several virtual assistants to help them in all sorts of ways.

Virtual Assistant Testimonial - Graeme Hayward

Next Step

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If you really feel like you're not sure and need more clarity about what a VA can do for you, then here's the book:
What a VA Can Do For you.

If you are an action taker who's pretty clear they want a VA (but still have a lot of questions about how it would work, and whether we are the best solution for you), then simply book a time to chat.


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Signs ready to get a VA


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Signs ready to get a VA


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Virtual Assistant Support - Client Testimonial

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